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A putting app for three-putt protection. Free trial promotion! Never worry about putts again. Learn how to use the app! Click here to watch the YouTube video. Use this app on the golf course right now!Improve your putting skill will each round!Step 1“Getting Started”Learn how to use the app and set your step length, etc. Step 2“Practice Green”Learn how to do short, medium, and long putts according to the green speed.Step 3“Start Round”Focus on the numerical value of ball speed to execute a putting stroke.
This app is running a free trial promotion! You can use it now without user registration. It’s a revolutionary app that tells you the distance of your putt, just like your very own caddy! Try the best app for improving your putting. I’ve golfed for a long time, but my score is only around 120. I only play golf once a month, and I'm not good at putting. I particularly struggle with long putts and inclined putts. I've tried a few methods on YouTube and other websites to give me a sense of the putt distance, but I'm not getting any better. The
I was such a bad putter. I was terrible with direction and distance. Sometimes in a good round, I thought that my putting had improved, but in the next round, things would be completely different ? the ball would not go anywhere near the cup. When I practiced on a putting mat at home, it went just fine. I practiced  for putting to control ball speed. It took a while to learn and establish the sense of distance. My method involves adjusting how much I pull back the putter head on the backswing. Now I can control the ball speed and have reduced the number of 3-putts. With Robot Swing Golf PUTTMAN, I now average two putts per hole. S.H. 65-year-old male. There is no single style for putting. It doesn't matter how you hit the ball. If you can’t get a sense of the right distance when putting , consider using this app, which uses a numerical method to putt.